Valentine's Day or not, single stalk roses make a lovely (and affordable) gift for friends and family. Whether it is to say "I love you", "Thank you" or simply "I miss you", this rose will put a smile on anyone's face! This rose have a total of 6 layers of petals and is made of laminated crepe paper. The petals are shaped with a heating tool so they are able to retain their shape.


This is a large single stalk rose, listing it separately just because the petals are arranged with lesser space between each layer for a different look. It is also the sturdiest among the roses due to the closeness of each layer.


Pick your color and add a personal note! Instocks available in red.


Other colors available upon request: 

Light pink, navy blue, peach, cream, lavender, yellow.

For any other colors please drop me a note!


Every rose is unique!

Please allow a marginal difference depending on how open/closed the petals are. Flower measures approximately 7-8cm across and 20cm tall.

Colors may appear differently on screen depending on your screen settings.

A Single Red Rose