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A rose for you this Valentine's....

Handmade crepe paper flowers make great

gifts all year round and especially so for all

your loved ones on Valentine's Day!


The Perpetual Spring Revival!

The florals are back and they're here to stay!

Whether you're dressing up for a date or just hanging out

with the girls, there's a floral piece for every occasion,

and every day! Tulle Princess, Hey There Delilah

and The Girl Next Door are my 3 current top favs!


How about yours?

(left : Tulle Princess in Nude Beige)

New Blog  Post!

How have the Perpetual Spring pieces

evolved over the years?

Read the post here!

New on #smolpuplife!

#smolpuplife is a mini collection of stop motion animation videos

that I created during the circuit breaker period.  There's a little life

lesson behind each short clip, see if you can figure them out!

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